Mathematics 2250-1 7:30am Fall 2002 Profiles

Tim Anglin

It is the beginning of my fifth semester here at the U.  I am a
chemistry major and hope to continue on to graduate school, hopefully in
the field of toxicology or pharmacology.  My math background includes a
rather weak high school calculus education, followed by the AP Calculus
(1250-1260) series here at the University.  I have taken several years
of spanish study in high school and again here at the U.  Unfortunately,
I have little background with computer manipulation other than my email
and online research.  I have never dealt with mayple and have only
limited experience with matlab, so that aspect of the class should be
Andrea Nicholson

I am 19, I am from St. George and I live in a house in
Sugarhouse with 5 of my friends.  I am a junior I am taking
ODE's because my major is bioengineering.
Ralph Koeber

Degree: Electrical Engineering
Previous Math: Arithmetic ... Algebra ... Calculus I, II, III 
Noforeign languages.
Computer languages: C++
Lived in: Arizona, Utah, Australia, Utah
I'm married with 2 kids (3 & 5 years old), I am a licensed
Master Electrician, and I go to school full time.
Sterling Reed

I am a sophmore in chemical engineering. I have taken Calculus
I,II,III. I know a little maple and matlab. I have lived in
Saudi Arabia, Colorado, Idaho, and Utah. I spend my time mostly
studying I ocasionally rock climb.
SeLinda Bryant

I just got married in June and so my records here at the school
are still under SeLinda Crane.  This is my second year at the U,
and I am going into Metallurgical Engineering. Right now I
commute from Riverton (about a 40 min.  drive) I play violin and
I enjoy being in Orchestra when I get the time outside of school
and work.  I work at an asbestos lab in Salt Lake, and I enjoy
it most of the time.
Brittany Nielsen

I am a sophomore at the U, and my major is Biomedical
Engineering. I took the AP Calculus courses last year and took
calculus in high school.  I enjoy school and playing volleyball.
Christina M. Yong

I am a student in my third year of majoring in biology, minoring
in chemistry here at the U.  I plan to go on to graduate school
after receiving my BS.  The last math class I took was BC
Calculus in high school.  I have no experience with Maple,
although I have used the similar program Mathematica extensively
in the past, and I know a little Unix and HTML.  Originally from
Illinois, I spent this past summer in Taiwan.  I spend my waking
hours working, studying, reading, playing piano, and enjoying
the outdoors.  As you can see, I do not enjoy writing complex
Greg S. Smith

My major is atmospheric science and I have plans to continue
until I get my doctorate.  With that I hope to research and find
ways to forecast weather better. I have had two calculus
courses, calculus I and II.  I lived in ecuador for two years so
I speak spanish.  I will get my minor in spanish also. I have
lived in kansas, arizona and utah.  In my free time I write
music, a dream of mine would be to go big in a band, although I
would rather study weather instead.
Phillip Berry

I am 23 years old and live in Sugar House. I am small business
owner (plastics fabrication out of my garage) and have a great
wife and a cute 5-month-old baby boy. I served a mission for the
LDS church in the Ukraine and consequently I speak Russian and a
lot of Ukrainian. I have gone through the math gambit here at
the U and have taken 1050, 1210, 1220, 2210, and now 2250 with
you. I am a Civil Eng. major with 2 LONG years left to go. I
have taken classes in C language and Maple, but I am far from
being able to say that I 'know' either of them.
Matt Ricks

I am working on a dual degree in EE and CE. My math experience
is up to MATH 1220. Computer languages: C, C++, Java, Delphi,
Scheme, ASM, Basic, and HTML. I work full time at Marshall Radio
Jensen Dobbs

I plan on becoming a mechanical engineer.  I just finished calc.
3 this summer.  I don't speak any foreign languages.  I can use
matlab to an extent.  Last semester I took the cs1000 class
which teaches matlab.  I am from Utah, but have lived in
California, and was raised in the United Arab Emirates until I
was about 3.  I like to play raquetball, play the guitar and
sing, read, and I spend most of my time studying.
Jason Sevy

I am a Electrical Engineering major starting my Sophmore year. I
transferred to the U from SLCC for Summer semester '02.  I have
taken all of my math classes from SLCC up to second semester
calculus (1220).  I took third semester calculus during summer
semester '02.

I am a native Utahn, and like to travel to Colorado to see my
family, who moved there a couple years ago.  I spend most of my
free time doing things in and around my new house, and hanging
out with friends and family.
Bryan Larsen

I am a second year mechanical engineering student.  I actually
became interested in engineering because of an interest in
methematics. I attended Utah State University as an illustration
major, and took a lot of math classes "just for fun". I am
currently making a living as an artist, and sell oil paintings
through a gallery in San Francisco ( Quent Cordair Fine Art ). 
When my wife finished her degree last year, I decided to go back
to school, and found that my math interest was well suited to
enginering. I have taken ODE's and linear algebra before, but it
was in 1994, and I remember very little. I have lived in Utah my
entire life, and spend my time painting, practicing Taekwondo,
and, these days, doing a lot of homework.
Melissa Love

I am studying bioengineering.  I took BC Calculus in High shcool
followed by the Calculus 1250-1260 series at the U. I have done
a little bit of programming in MATLAB.  I was born in Utah, but
have lived in Michigan for most of my life.I enjoy playing
soccer, dancing, and I enjoy being outdoors, especially in Utah
where it's so beautiful!
Ben Mangum

I am a physics major and plan on graduating next spring.  I had
calculus in high school, but have retaken it in college; along
with this class, I am taking Calculus III.  I speak Spanish and
have lived in Peurto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Chicago.  I
have spent most of my life in Salt Lake though.  I work in the
Dept. of Neurobiology and Anatomy at the School of Medicine.
Ashley Horrall

T'm a Biomedical Engineer/Premed major.  I've taken up to Calc
III. I've lived in Utah all my life and love the outdoors.  I
love to dance and have been doing so since the age of 3.  I also
love to ski, boat, water-ski, wakeboard, camp, hike, and
everything else outdoors.
Adam Thompson

I am a pre Biomedical Engineering student.  After this class I
will be able to apply for major status, but I will still need to
take partial differential equations for graduation.  I have
already taken calc one through three.  In high school I took two
years of Japanese, and I served an LDS mission speaking the
Phillipino language Tagalog. Before I served that mission I
lived in Arizona, where I took a C++ course at ASU.  I've also
lived in the Bay area and in Winnipeg, Canada.  In my spare
time, my old mission buddies and I throw LAN parties, and I love
to read trashy novels of no literary merit.
Kolton D. Andrus

 I am currently a Computer Science Major, and plan to follow 
that to Graduate School.  I have had Math through Calc. III, 
everything through Calc I in high school, and a basic statistics 
class.  I speak German somewhat.  I know Scheme and Java as 
computer languages.  I have lived in New York, Kansas, Alabama, 
Oregon, Washington, and Utah.  I spend my time doing Homework, 
working (I work at MSN Tech Support), and playing with my wife, 
daughter, and soon to be son.

My email addresses are: and, my phone # is 718-2051, and anyone in class 
is welcome to call me until midnight.
Brittany Berry

I plan on majoring in physics with an emphasis on biology.  I am
minoring in french.  Next year i am studying abroad in France.
Jameson Drechsel

I am a mechanical engineering student. I have had calc. I, II,
III, here at the U of U in the last 1/2 year. I speak japanese
and spanish as a foreign language. i have lived in Japan. Other
than school, I enjoy hiking and mt. biking, and performing
Payal Shah 

I am a third year student at the U majoring in Biomedical
Engineering. After graduating I plan to go to medical school and
become a physician speacializing in pediatrics.  As far as
mathematics goes, i've taken calulus 1 and 2 in high school and
calculus 3 at the U.  After ODE's this semester I plan on taking
PDE's next sememster.  I speak Spanish and Hindi along with
English. Computer languages, however, are not my strong suit, I
know the basics, but not much else.  I am born and raised in
Salt Lake City and I love to ski, hike, and have fun in the
Christina Chockley

I am double majoring in Ballet Performance and Bioengineering
here at the U.  It is my second year here in Salt Lake and
before coming out here I lived in Jefferson City Missouri.  I
have had the AP Calculus series in high school and absolutely no
computer programming experience. Outside of school I love to
play sports and have fun.