MATH 1070 - 070
Introduction to Statistical Inference
*This syllabus is subject to change*

Time: TR 7-10pm, May 13 - June 18
Location: Sandy 123 (Note: This is a room change)
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Instructor Jen Guajardo
Email (Please write Math 1050 in the subject line)
Office JWB 115 (Main campus)
Phone 801-581-3901
Office Hours I will plan on being on the Sandy campus by 5:30 or so each Tuesday and Thursday.  I will hang out in the main lobby during this time.  Please come and ask me any questions you may have.  Otherwise, I will be at the main campus in the Math building most days of the week.  You can email me to set up a time to meet in my office there. 

NOTE: I send out frequent emails to the email addresses you have registered with the University.  Please check these often so as not to miss an important announcement.

Text Statistics: The Art and Science of Learning From Data, ISBN # 0130083690
Pre-requisite A math ACT score of 23 or higher, or a grade of C or better in Math 1010.  It is expected that you know how to work with basic algebra.  You should be able to manipulate and solve algebraic expressions, and work with exponents, fractions, graphs, and linear equations.
Course Objectives
This is an introductory course in Statistics and fulfulls the Quantitative Reasoning (Statistics/Logic) QB requirement. The important ideas used in making inferences from data will be presented and illustrated.  The main topics covered will be data organization and analysis, graphical representations of data, probability and probability distributions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing.

Course Content We will try to cover the information from Chapters 1-9. 
Grading Policy
The course grade is based on weekly assignments, weekly quizzes, and a final exam.  Homework will be due at the beginning of each week starting on week 2 and will be graded based on completion.  Quizzes will be given on each Thursday, starting in the second week, covering the material from the previous week.  The final exam will be given the last day of class, June 17.  The maximum possible points for each category are as follows:

Four Quizzes
Final Exam
Possible Points
15% each (Total 60%)

The grading scale for this course is:
92.1 - 100
72.1 - 76
89.1 - 92
69.1 - 72
86.1 - 89
66.1 - 69
82.1 - 86
62.1 - 66
79.1 - 82
59.1 - 62
76.1 - 79
< 59

There are no make-ups in this course. Students should make all of their semesters' plans in advance. This is non-negotiable.  

The only exceptions to this rule are: (a) Medical emergencies, together with written evidence of such an emergency; or (b) conflicting, and official, university-related activities (such as athletic meets) with written documentation.

Assignments I will drop the lowest homework score.

Late homeworks are not accepted under any conditions. If you cannot turn in a homework due to medical and/or accident-related emergencies, and if you can produce proper documentation, then I will replaced the missed homework by the average score of your other homeworks (before I drop the lowest one homework score). Otherwise, you will not receive credit for the missed homework.

Important Dates
May 13
First day of Classes

May 22
Quiz 1

May 29
Quiz 2

June 5
Quiz 3

June 12
Quiz 4

June 17
Final Exam

ADA Statement
The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that reasonable accommodations be provided for students with physical, cognitive, systemic, learning, or psychiatric disabilities.  Please contact me at the beginning of the semester to discuss any such accommodations you may need for this course.