Student Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Fall 2015

Time/Place: Monday 3:15-4:15 PM in LCB 323

Please send notes, questions, and corrections to Thomas.

Try to make your talk as accessible as possible! When you introduce new concepts, try to answer:

Intuitive ways of remembering concepts are more accessible than technical definitions. Feel free to consult with Thomas (or anyone else in the seminar) while preparing your talk.

Tentative Schedule

8/31 Schemes, coherent sheaves, cohomology   Thomas Notes
9/7 Labor Day
9/14 Genus and abelian differentials Stefano Notes
9/21 Analytic vs. algebraic viewpoints Ziwen Notes
9/28 Cox rings Joaquin Notes
10/5 Intersection theory and the Chow ring Matteo Notes
10/12   Fall Break
10/19 Rational maps and blow-ups Ben
10/26 Flag varieties Janina Notes
11/2 Derived categories Franco Notes
11/9 Secant varieties and Waring rank Marin Notes
11/16 Bezout's theorem Christian Notes
11/23 Algebraic surfaces Yuan
11/30 Invariant theory of finite groups Keyvan
12/7 D-modules Anna Notes
12/14 TBD TBD