Gaoyang Bridget Fan

PhD Candidate • Department of Mathematics • University of Utah

I am a 4th year graduate student working on Mathematical Biology, with a focus on Biophysics and Stochastics Processes, advised by Paul Bressloff. I am particularly interested in dynamical systems on networks with applications to biological systems and social networks.

Bacterial Quorum Sensing

How do bacteria 'talk' with each other? Understanding bacterial quorum sensing through mathematical modeling.

Noise-induced Network Synchronization

Paper In Preparation. Content Coming Soon...

Dynamical System Analysis of SDEs

Paper In Preparation. Content Coming Soon...


Spring 2019 MATH 1210 - Calculus I Instructor of Record
Fall 2018 MATH 2280 - Intro to Differential Equations Instructor of Record
Spring 2018 MATH 1180 - Stats for Biologists Lab Instructor
Fall 2017 MATH 1170 - Calculus for Biologists Lab Instructor
Fall 2016 MATH 1080 - PreCalculus Instructor of Record
Spring 2016 MATH 1320 - Engineering Calculus II Lab Instructor
Fall 2015 MATH 1310 - Engineering Calculus I Lab Instructor

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