Nicos's Homepage

My first five years in the U.S.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

I was a teaching assistant for the Math Department at UW-Madison from 2006 to 2011 while pursuing a doctoral degree under the supervision of Timo Seppalainen. My thesis title is : Positive and zero temperature polymer models. Hopefully it will be available online soon, and is now available upon request.


Here are some webpages that I visited a lot while in Madison.


1. Jean-Luc Thiffeault: This is the webpage that I shamelessly stole the source code from, to create mine (Thanks!). I use this as an opportunity to direct people to his webpage because let's face it: Topological mixing has some cool pics!

The probability group at UW-Madison during my last year (2011).

1. Tom Kurtz:

2. David Griffeath:

3. Timo Seppalainen:

4. Benedek Valko:

5. David Anderson:

6. Gregorio Moreno: (Hey bro!)

7. Diane Holcomb:

8. Masanori koyama:

My (remaining) buddies.

For some bizzare reason, all but one of these webpages belong to logicians. Considering that they are all graduating pretty soon, I can only say this: Please give them jobs!

1. Sarah Matz-Tumasz: the only non -logician here (but playing with mixers :) ). Sarah was my office mate. Our desks were back to back for 5 years!

2. Achilles Beros: Take a look at Studio Achilles sample pictures. They are breath taking! (You could also buy some!)

3. Kostas Beros: The pic is misleading!

4. Dan Rosendorf: Dan's html abilities are far greater than what his page suggests.

5. Andrea Medini: My former roommate. Supposedly he is going to make a webpage soon - a very famous line of Andrea for the past five years.


While in Madison, I was lucky enough to teach for the Wisconsin Emerging Scholars (WES) program. Here are the webpages of the program and of the current WES coordinator (for math) where you can ask for more questions if you are interested.

1. Shirin Malekpour

2. WES program