Efthymios S. Folias
Professor of Mechanics & Mathematics (emeritus)
Department of Mathematics
University of Utah
Ph.D. Aeronautics (Solid Mechanics), California Institute of Technology, 1963
M.S. Mathematics, University of New Hampshire, 1960
B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of New Hampshire, 1959

Static failure in pressurized vessels. E. S. Folias.  Tests on cracked plates predict failures in cylinders. Failure Criterion. The expression in the braces has been referred to in the literature as the 'Folias Correction Factor' or 'Folias Factor' and accounts for the curvature of the vessel. When no bending stress is present the above criterion may be reduced to the simple relation. The Folias factor extends to vessels of arbitrary geometry.
E.S. Folias, “Fracture in Pressure Vessels,” Chapter 21, Thin Shell Structures, edited by Y.C. Fung & E.E. Schler, Prentice-Hall (1973) pp. 483-518.   .pdf

E.S. Folias, “Fracture of Pressurized Metal and Graphite/Epoxy Cylinders for Applications to Pressure Vessel Design,” Transactions of the Sixth International Conference on Pressure Vessel Technology (1988).   .pdf

E.S. Folias’ research statement on pressure vessel design and the Folias factor

E.S. Folias’ publications on the failure of pressurized vessels

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