Stefano Filipazzi

University of Utah

Algebraic Geometry Student Seminar

The Algebraic Geometry Student Seminar meets on Wednesday, from 3.15 p.m. to 4.15 p.m., room LCB 323.

This seminar provides an informal and relaxed environment where grad students can talk about algebraic geometry. If you have any questions, please contact Stefano (you can see the email in the sidebar)!


Here you can find an updated list of the abstracts of the talks.


8/16 Organizational meeting  
8/23 Adjunction and Inversion of Adjunction     Stefano   Notes
8/30 An analytic proof of Nadel vanishing   Joaquín
9/6 Characterization of Kollár surfaces   José
9/13 Generalized Lamé equation with finite monodromy     You-Cheng     Reference
9/20 Stability conditions and Brill-Noether Marin Reference
9/27 Regular Primes and Fermat's Last Theorem Allechar
10/4 Motivating motives Christian
10/18   A stab at homological mirror symmetry   Franco Notes
10/25 Matsusaka's big theorem Takumi (U of M guest)
11/1 Primitive cohomology and the tube mapping   Erjuan   Reference
11/8   Étale homotopy   Kevin
11/15 The Sarkisov program Jihao
11/22   Volume-Type Functions for Numerical Cycle Classes   Yen-An
11/29 Non-commutative Hodge structures Huachen
12/6 Stable Maps in Higher Dimensions Ziwen


AG Student Seminar