Stefano Filipazzi

University of Utah

Math 1310: Engineering Calculus I

This Spring I am the TA in charge of the classes 1310-002 and 1310-003. These are the laboratories of the class Engineering Calculus I held by Jenna Noll (code 1310-001).

Section 2 meets Thursdays, 8.35-9.25, room LCB 215. Section 3 meets Thursdays, 9.40-10.30, room HEB 2002.

We will be using Canvas.

I have office hours on Thursdays 11.00am-1.00pm at 1622 WEB. Also, notice that in the room 1622 WEB there are often TAs who are there for helping people in Engineering Calculus question. I also recommend to take advantage of the Tutoring Center. I also spend one hour there per week on Fridays from noon to 1pm and you can come to ask me questions. Last but not least, if you have any doubt or your schedule prevents you from coming to office hours, we can arrange a time to meet at my office.

Here you can find the Guideline for the Labs .

Here you can find the labs:

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