James Farre

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Math 3070

All assignments, lecture notes, and grades will be available through Canvas.

Computer Lab Login and Password

Class Accounts
User Name = c-LSFM
L = Last Name First Letter
S = Last Name Last Letter
F = First Name First Letter
M = Middle Name First Letter (if you have a middle name)
Example: If name=John Bob Doe, then username = c-dejb
Note: Since this process could result with users with the same username your username might not work. If so, start by appending a "1" to the username, e.g. c-dejb1. If that does not work try a 2 and so forth. If it still does not work come see me.

Password = LSFM####
LSFM = same as above
#### = Last four digits of your University ID
Example: If UID=123456789 and login=c-dejb, then password=dejb6789

After Logging-in:
Upon first logging in you should change your password. To do so, log in and open the terminal, type 'passwd' (followed by RETURN), if there is a problem here try typing 'passwd' followed by your username (eg. 'passwd c-esua'). Next type your old password (the one you used to login), and then type your new desired password twice as instructed. Your new password is effective within 30 minutes. Your password must consist of at least 6 characters (upper and lower case letters, and digits). You should take care to choose one that is very difficult to guess, and keep it to yourself!