(Hut Name) Rendezvous Ski Tours, Tetons
(trip was guided) no
(trip was catered) no
(I rate the skiing as) good
(I rate the hut as) acceptable
(Would I go again) yes

(Comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rendezvous Ski Tours operates three backcountry yurts on the western slope of the Tetons. I've been to all three. The yurts are rustic and could use some improvements (i.e. outhouses), but all-in-all are satisfactory.

The skiing is quite good. My favorite for skiing is the Commissary Ridge Yurt. It accesses very good tree skiing on north facing slopes and a 2200' west facing slope with sparse trees. Its terrific. The disadvantage is that the good skiing is about a mile away from the yurt.

Baldy Knoll and Plummer Canyon also have good skiing.

I also think the scenery is best at Commissary Ridge. On a clear day, you can see the Grand Teton from the yurt.

The yurts can hold up to eight people, but are more comfortable with 4 or 6. The porter service is highly recommended. It costs $80 for a 45 lb load, but that works out to $10-15 per person, and allows you to bring great food and plenty to drink. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------