(Hut Name) Flint Lakes (Kootenay Mountain Huts)

(trip was guided) yes
(trip was catered) yes
(I rate the skiing as) great
(I rate the hut as) acceptable
(I rate the food as) great
(I rate the people as) great

(Would I go again) yes

(Comments) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- After traveling to numerous 10th Mtn. Div. Huts in CO, this hut was a shack. Maybe cozy is a better word. Really, it's an old mining shack that was added on to. It slept 8 and was quite warm. This was my first trip to BC, so I don't have any other Canadian huts to compare it to. The catering was first- rate and really MADE the trip. The terrain was spectacular. Numerous bowls are within an hour or two of the hut and the N. trees were great. We triggered a few sloughs on some steep rollovers and in couloirs, but we didn't observe any slides (triggered or natural) over a Class I. Our guides loved the week of sunny days while we were there, but since most of us came from UT & CO, we really wanted a whiteout. We were heli-ed in with our gear, but we skied out after 7 days of solitude. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Name) Kurt
(email) kurt@xmission.com