I was fortunate enough to spend a week with some friends and Christoph at his Burnie Glacier Chalet in April 03.

First the town of Smithers is a charming and energetic mix of northern frontier spirit and modern culture. Great place to stage out of.

The skiing terrain accessed out of the Burnie Glacier Chalet is superb. Massive, interconnected glacier runs of 4,000', uninterrupted fall lines, multiple summits to attain, enough options and exposure's to keep full groups entertained for weeks. Also stunning visuals. We skied from 7:00AM to 4:00PM every day.

The Chalet is a modern  building with all of the comfort and amenities that are needed. Designed and built by Christoph and friends it functions perfectly and is very strategically located. Warm and relaxing.

The food was arranged and prepared by Monica. It was nourishing, plentiful and very good with an emphasis on healthy organics. Much of the food was raised or grown by Monica, Christoph or other local sources. Chickens, eggs, potatoes,   baked goods and more straight  from the source. A great pleasure morning, noon and night.

Lastly, enough cannot be said about Christoph. A year round lifetime guide, Christoph is clearly a master of his craft. He adds to this a very happy, engaging and energetic personality. I got the sense right away that Christoph was completely dedicate to our comfort, enjoyment level, well being and safety 24/7. I cannot stress this enough. He is the diametric opposite of the stereotypical Austrian/German master race "berg fuhrer" It's fun just  to be around him and he's a great motivator.

I speak from some past experience and basis for comparison. I have skied at several other remote touring lodges in Canada an the US. I am a co-founder of Telluride Helitrax, in Telluride Colorado. I was a senior heli-ski guide in Telluride for 17 seasons (now retired)

In closing I highly recommend the operation to anyone who likes ski mountaineering and hope I am able to return soon.


Mark Frankmann