has completely appropriate name. I could claim that with even more conviction had the weather been better than it was, but still. For those who don't know, the Wonderland trail goes around Mount Rainier:

This trip happened last summer, and I am forgetting more important things faster than I can store them for later use, so I won't be talking much. I tried to cut down the number of pictures significantly. Mark took about 300, but don't worry, I won't be showing them all.

This should be our first day

Second day, for sure. After this it all becomes a blur.

Here are some people. Brynja is very busy trying to cut down the weight of her backpack by cutting off all the labels from her clothes.

Guess what, it's beer and a half time. Who says you can't have fun backpacking. Except, hiking gets little hard afterwards.

But all is forgotten when at the camp you have company as we did, and when you have a view like this

We're not done, but you can be if you wish