This was girls' trip. All two of us. I had a blast. Can't vouch for Miss B. We had our lunch in Cedar Breaks. I don't think I need to say that it was windy....

First evening in the Grand Canyon. I should really say on the North Rim.

After being told that we cannot spend the night at the bottom of the canyon, we decided to go down the biiiig trail anyway. Here is Brynja at Coconino overlook. And then a few pictures of the rock you see along the way.

If you click on the picture you might see a little red dot on that bridge. That'd be me. Ok, maybe you can't see red, but there is a person there, right?

If you look at the big version of the first picture and pay attention to the lower left corner you will see where the trail goes. Somewhere down there we ran into a bridge on which we stand, and where we turned around.

Now, we go back up. Brynja was camera happy, I guess.

Oh, and if you have a weak stomach you shouldn't look at the right picture up close.

Soap Creek