Europe 2005

Summer of 2005 I am spending at CRM in Barcelona (well Bellaterra, really, but Barcelona is a trainride away). For all the friends who want to see where I've been, here are some photos: Word of advice: if you open up a picture it will probably be fairly large, but if you click on it once it's open, it should fit your screen. It works on my computer, but I don't guarantee anything.

  • Touristy Barcelona
  • Nuria
  • Night out
  • A slow day, after the long night.
  • Gaudi mostly, with a few other modernists along the way. This was an insane day, as Aida's feet can testify.
  • Mostly Montjuic but also a few random pics, and a few pictures from the neighborhood, that due to laziness weren't given their actual name (those are taken at pl. Espanya).
  • Park Guell . I think this will be it for Gaudi.
  • Tibidabo and Montserrat hikes .
  • Noel and I took off for a little trip in the country. You will see photos from Monastir Santes Creus, Montblanc and Tarragona. As an added delight there are a few photos from well known Vila dinners. See them all here .
  • Finally Mark arrived and we did our little tour of Barcelona (see the pics above, all in two days :) ), then we went up to Figueres to see Dali's museum. On our way we stopped in this gorgeous little town called Girona (if you ever fly Ryan air to Barcelona, that's where you'll go). The next stop, on Ryan air, was Rome. These are some words that go with these pictures .
  • More Rome, and then we went off to Venice. Oh, if you go to Rome, our favorite place for coffee was steps away from Pantheon, called ... i'll have to get back to you on that one because I'm afraid I can't spell it without a book, and I can't find the book, so I'll let you know (it's not the religious one). Oh, and the thing that I wasn't familiar with is: Italians have something I call an ass tax. They would say: if you sit, then it's "more price". So, if you just want ot sit down and peacefully sip your capuccino, then be prepared to pay about 4 euros for it. Otherwise, stand at a bar and have a same tasty cup for 1 euro. Anyway, here we are .
  • I was totally museumed out after Spain and Rome, so we decided to take Venezia in just by walking around. I am not saying we didn't make a death march out of it, so we did see a lot of the town. Here are few more photos .
  • Last, but not least was a visit to Sarajevo. This year we didn't stay as long as last year, and consequently didn't do as many things. It didn't help that I am still slightly paranoid about visiting areas where people don't live, nor does it help that one has to spend time with family who isn't necessarilyu interested in accompanying us to all those pretty places for whatever reasons. Maybe next time we'll check all the places Mark wanted to see this time. Until then .