Course Syllabus

Homework will be assigned and collected every Wednesday.  

1. The homework solutions you submit should be written neatly and in an organized manner. Use scratch paper for preliminary work and DO NOT print the homework questions and just write your answers nearby. Use a blank paper to show your solutions separately. (You do not have to attach the question page)

2. If multiple pages are required for an assignment, label each sheet with your name, ID number and STAPLE them together. Otherwise, it is your responsibility if any pages get lost.

3. Your solutions should contain enough details/steps so that a grader is convinced that you know what you are doing. Usually, it is NOT ENOUGH to merely write down a final answer.

4. The homework will be collected before Wednesday's class begins. So show up on time and hand in your homework. DO NOT walk to front and hand in homework when class is in session. Late homework will not be accepted and you will receive zero score. The lowest homework grade will be dropped at the end of the semester.

5. You are encouraged to work together on homework assignments. However, copying other's homework will be treated as academic dishonest. 


Supplementary notes on polynomial calculus (By Professor Joseph Taylor)

Homework 1 (due Jan 21th) Solutions


Homework 2 (due Jan 28th) From supplementary notes on polynomial calculus

Problem Set 4: 2,4,6,8,9 ; Problem Set 5: 2,3,4,6,8

Solutions for Set4      Solutions for Set5


Homework 3 (due Feb 4th) From Textbook

Problem Set 1.1: 4,7,18,29,46; 

Problem Set 1.2: 12, 20

Problem Set 1.3: 13,19,27


Homework 4 (due Feb 11th) From Textbook

Problem Set 1.4: 4,7,8,10,11; 

Problem Set 1.5: 3,12,16,18,22,28,36


Homework 5 (due Feb 18th) From Textbook

Problem Set 1.6: 4,13,19,20,31,32,43,48,52; 

Problem Set 2.2: 13,14,22,31,34,55


Homework 6 (due Mar 4th) From Textbook

Problem Set 2.3: 5,12,23,40; 

Problem Set 2.4: 4,11,22,25

Problem Set 2.5: 4,9,15,21,25,27,35


Homework 7 (due Mar 13th) From Textbook

Problem Set 2.6: 3,6,11,30; 

Problem Set 2.7: 5,10,15,36

Problem Set 2.8: 3,9,11,15

Problem Set 2.9: 3,20,21,33

Problem Set 3.1: 7,9,18,24

Homework 8 (due April 1st) From Textbook

Problem Set 3.2: 2,3,5,9,12,13; 

Problem Set 3.3: 2,6,9,11,13,21

Problem Set 3.4: 1,6,7,11

Problem Set 3.5: 3,4,9,17

Homework 9 (due April 8th) From Textbook

Problem Set 3.6: 3,6,14,25,29; 

Problem Set 3.7: 2,5,9,13

Problem Set 3.8: 9,11,12,29,30,35

Problem Set 3.9: 2,3,6,9,11

Homework 10 (due April 15th) From Textbook

Problem Set 4.1: 2,5,10,45; 

Problem Set 4.2: 2,3,15,24,29

Problem Set 4.3: 3,6,13,19,29

Problem Set 4.4: 3,12,17,21,35,43

Homework 11 (due April 24th) From Textbook

Problem Set 4.5: 9,10,15,22,35,39,41; 

Problem Set 5.1: 1,5,7,11,17,34;

Problem Set 5.2: 1,3,5,7;

Problem Set 5.3: 1,7,17

Practice Exam For Final