Professor - University of Utah


Meeting: Tue 2:15-3:15, LCB 222

Superviser: Tommaso de Fernex

Contact: Office JWB 322, email

Seminar Webpage:

Aim: This is a semester-long group reading course in which graduate students present the material in class. The aim is to introduce the students to important topics in the field. The BAGS gives an excellent opportunity for the junior students to learn to read research articles and practice giving presentations in front of an audience.

Target: BAGS is designed for those students who have recently started learning algebraic geometry or are beginning to work on their thesis. Students who just took the first semester in Introduction to Algebraic Geometry and are planning to continue with the second semester are especially encouraged to consider enrolling. More senior students are also welcome.

Enrollment and Credits: You can enroll for 1 to 3 credit hours. The BAGS is offered as Math 6910-060

Topic: The seminar will be primarily based on the article

This paper starts from the foundations of what algebraic geometry is, and quickly moves through the main ideas of the classification of algebraic varieties, ending with and introduction to the minimal model program. Time permitting, we will also include Mori's proof on Hartshorne's conjecture.