Professor - University of Utah

MATH 5310 - FALL 2017


Meeting: MWF 12:55-1:45 PM - LCB 222

Office Hours: TBA - JWB 322

Instructor: Tommaso de Fernex, office JWB 322, email

Syllabus: For information about the textbook, a description of the content and topics of the course, prerequisites, coursework and grading, and ADA Statement, please refer to the Syllabus.

Communications: Homework assignments and exam dates will be posted below, on this web page. I will use the automatic system for email communications provided by the Campus Information System. Refer to General Calendar Dates for important dates.

Midterms and Final: All exams take place in the usual classroom.

  • Friday, September 22 - First midterm (20% of the grade)
  • Friday, November 3 - Second midterm (20% of the grade)
  • December 12, 1:00-3:00 PM - Final (30% of the grade)

Homework Assignments: Homework (30% of the grade) is due on Wednesday. It must be turned in at the beginning of class. Two lowest grades will be dropped. Late homework is not accepted. Homework assignments will be weekly posted below.