Fall: Ecology and Evolution

Welcome to the fall quarter page for the Special Year in Mathematical Biology. The educational program comprises a full year course `Mathematical Modeling in Biology', a weekly seminar series, one three day minisymposium and an informal student/post doc seminar. Visitors remaining only the fall quarter are visiting graduate students. The biology department has several faculty interested in ecology and evolution.

Course 675-3: Mathematical Modeling in Biology

Place: Bld. 123 Room 150 Time: MWF 12:05

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As part of the Special Year in Mathematical Biology, the department of Mathematics will host a course given by visiting lecturers. The course is for graduate or undergraduate students with a strong mathematical background and interest in Ecology and Evolution. For more information, contact Fred Adler.

Schedule of Lecturers for Course 675-3

Minisymposium: Competition for Space and Territoriality

Organized by Deborah Gordon, Stanford University

November 17-18, 1995

Most theoretical work on competition for space has been about plants. There is a vast body of empirical work on territorial behavior in animals, but few spatially explicit models and few attempts to use data to test existing models of competition for space. The symposium will address this gap. Talks and discussion will attempt to bring together theoretical and empirical work. The final discussion will ask, What new directions are needed for theoretical work in this field? What data would resolve the outstanding theoretical questions? Those interested in attending the minisymposia please send enquiries to mathbio@math.utah.edu.

Speakers for Minisymposium

Mathematical Biology Seminar

Place: Bld 123 Room 150

Schedule of Talks

Oct. 6 Friday 2:15 Stephen Ellner, North Carolina State
Oct. 13 Friday 2:15 Brian Maurer, Brigham Young University
Oct. 19 Thursday 2:15 David Winkler, Cornell University
Oct. 20 Friday 2:15 Richard Gomulkiewicz, University of Kansas
Oct. 26 Thursday 2:15 Robert Holt, University of Kansas
Nov. 3 Friday 2:15 David Stephens, University of Nebraska
Nov. 7 Tuesday2:15 Peter Chesson, Australian National University
Nov. 21 TuesdayTBA Simon Levin, Princeton
Dec. 1 Friday 2:15 Peter Kareiva, University of Washington
Dec. 8 Friday 2:15 Roger Nisbet, U.C. Santa Barbara

Mathematics Colloquium

Place: JWB Room 335

Schedule of Talks

Nov. 2 Thursday 4:00 Odo Diekmann, CWI
Nov 9 Thursday 4:00 Simon Tavare, University of Southern California

Biology Department Seminar

Place: JTB Room 140

Schedule of Talks

Nov. 2 Thursday 2:00 ? David Stephens, University of Nebraska
Nov. 16 Thursday 4:00 Jonathan Roughgarden, Stanford

Visiting Graduate Students