Noelle Conforti Preszler, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
Department of Mathematics
| Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, WA


Other Emails: noelle.conforti.preszler[at]gmail[dot]com, noellecp[at]uw[dot]edu


Research Interests:

My research focuses on understanding both experiences of students as they engage in rigorous mathematics learning and experiences of teachers as they enact ambitious mathematics teaching. I focus primarily on how students experience such classrooms, and have particular interests in how first exposures to inquiry-based learning can be transformative experiences for students. This is especially relevant to future teachers, whose practices will be influenced by their experiences as students, and contributes to our understanding of the implementation of inquiry-based teaching methods, supplementing research which articulates what it looks like for teachers to use inquiry-based methods. I also focus my research on ways to support teachers as they enact more inquiry-based teaching methods, which includes teachers at the K-12 level and instructors of undergraduate mathematics. My research focuses are strongly linked to my teaching experiences, which center on content and pedagogical preparation of future teachers in ways that promote deep mathematical understanding and the development of positive dispositions towards mathematics.


...ultimately the value of knowledge is subordinate to its use in thinking. For we live not in a settled and finished world, but in one which is going on, and where our main task is prospective...” (Dewey, 1916)

I believe learning to understand and use knowledge effectively should be the primary goal of education. Rather than focus on endless lists of content to memorize or master, enthusiasm for learning and confidence in knowledge application should be fostered. To this end, mathematics classrooms should be places where learning is actively going on, where students are engaged in mathematical thinking.

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