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University of Utah
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MATH 3080 (R Lab)

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R Lab Lecture Notes

Below are lecture notes from the times I have taught the lab, intended to accompany Chapters 10-13 of John Verzani's book Using R for Introductory Statistics (2nd ed.).

The notes are available both online and as PDFs below.

R Lab Lecture Notes

Other Resources

In the past I have taught both the lab and lecture sections of MATH 3070. See past teaching to see resources provided to past courses. I strongly recommend reviewing my previous lecture notes for the MATH 3070 lab for users unfamiliar with R or basic statistics; those lecture notes are essentially prerequisites.

Prof. Andrejs Treibergs has taught MATH 3070 multiple times and has many R scripts and old exams, useful both for learning R and for preparing for quizzes/tests. Here is the material.

Dr. Hadley Wickham is one of the leading authorities in the R community, having authored many of the best R packages and writing some of the best R books. (RStudio is also a Hadley Wickham project.) You can read many of Dr. Wickham's books online for free. Three books you may want to look at are R for Data Science (a more introductory book with an emphasis on tidyverse packages), Advanced R (obviously a more advanced book), and R Packages (all about R packages). Advanced R and R Packages, in particular, were references for these lecture notes.

I blog about R and statistics regularly on my website. You can follow the R and Statistics and Data Science feeds for that material. I've also described techniques and resources for learning more about programming in this blog post.

All of the notes made available on this page were written using R Markdown and bookdown. The source documents for these materials are available in this archive.

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