Departmental colloquium:

      Thursdays, 4:15 PM, JWB 335

Procedures and informatin:

      To request a speaker:
        All speaker requests must be e-mailed to the Colloquium Chair, Christel Hohenegger.
        Please refer to the colloquium webpage for available dates.
        Regular faculty, or Post Docs with approval from a faculty member might request a speaker.
        Emphasis will be put on the quality of the suggested talks.
        January and February are usually reserved for hiring colloquium talks.

      Prior to the day of the colloquium:
        Stay in contact with the speaker.
        Keep the Colloquium Chair and the Assistant to the Chair, Mary Levine, updated.
        Title and abstract should be available 2 weeks prior the colloquium.
        Please provide a recent picture of the speaker for the poster.
        Advise speaker that the first 20 minutes of the talk should be accessible to everyone.

      On the day of the colloquium:
        Bring the speaker to the Assistant to the Chairman, Mary Levine, for reimbursement.
        Have the speaker fill out the top of the honararium form and sign the reimbursement forms.
        For computer presentation, please bring the speaker to JWB 335 at 3:30pm.
        It is strongly recommended to have the PDF file of the presentation available on a USB pen.
        Accompany the speaker in the lounge for refreshments promptly at 3:45pm.
        Encourage students to attend the colloquium.
        Take the speaker to dinner and arrange for at least 3 attendees.
        Coordinate dinner and lunch.

      Colloquium expense allowances:
        Domestic flights in coach.
        Accommodation costs - University Guest House or equivalent for 2 nights.
        One dinner with speaker - $250.00 max, no alcohol.
        One lunch with speaker - $100.00 max, no alcohol.
        Please request an itemized receipt and write down the names of the people attending.
        Honorarium $200 unless directed otherwise by the Colloquium Chair.
        Reimbursements and Hotel reservations are handled by the Assistant to the Chairman.