5710   Introduction to Applied Math I

URL:    http://www.math.utah.edu/~cherk/teach/5710-03/appl-1-2003.html

Instructor: Professor Andrej Cherkaev
Office: JWB 225
Telephone: 581-6822
E-mail: cherk@math.utah.edu
Three credit hours.
 M,W,F  JWB 208
office hours: WF after class 

Addressed to graduate and senior undergraduate students in math, science, and engineering.
Grade is based on regular homework assignments and a course project.


  • Gilbert Strang. Introduction to Applied Mathematics.
  • Instructors notes.
  • Syllabus
  • Strang: Chapters 1,2, 3
  • Notes: Extremal problems.
  • Grade
    The grade will be based on homework scores and course project.
    As a rule, the homework will be assigned each week.

    Several homework assignments 

    Note 1. Introduction

    Course projects
    Preliminary list
    Notes about course projects.