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Mathematics 1210c Distance Education Online 9th Edition

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This site is designed for several purposes.

If you wish to evaluate whether you are sufficiently prepared to take Calculus, take the Diagnostic Test:

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Part I goes over essential techniques of algebra and trigonometry while Part II exhibits the kind of algebra and trigonometry problems which actually arise in Calculus. Do Part I first, and then, if interested, Part II. 

Solutions to the problems:

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If you took Calculus some time ago, and wish to refresh your knowledge in the subject, first take the diagnostic test. Then download the notes chapter by chapter from the following table of contents. Proceed to the recommended readings and problems (link 3 above), where you will find practice problems. Go through these sets of problems, referring to the notes as recommended in the problems.

The text  is Calculus, by Varberg, Purcell and Rigdon, Prentice-Hall, Ninth edition.

 Supplementary notes by Prof. Hugo Rossi are also strongly recommended, and available on the Course Information page (link 2 above).

Do the reading and practice problems first. A few words about Webworks: You may begin doing problems in any open problem set. In each problem set you will submit answers, both numeric and literal. In order to become acquainted with the syntax of Webwork, do assignment 0 first.