Mathematics 1010 online


Welcome to Math 1010 Online! The backbone of this class will be 16 WeBWorK assignments as outlined on this page. All assignments will open Friday mornings at 7:00am and will close seven days later on Friday at 11:59pm except for Sets #1 and 2 which will open on Monday at 7:00am and close 11 days later on Friday at 11:59pm. Assignments #6, 7 , 11, 12, 13, and 14 will be open for 2 weeks You should finish work on any homework before the next one opens. The table below lists the topics of each HW set, and links to relevant web pages.

Throughout this class, refer back to the Principles and Glossary pages. The Course Information contains details about exams and grading issues, and general suggestions for your study.

  1. due January 22

  2. due January 22

  3. due January 29

  4. due February 5

  5. due February 12

  6. due February 26

  7. due February 26

  8. due March 5

  9. due March 19

  10. due March 26

  11. due April 9

  12. due April 9

  13. due April 16

  14. due April 16

  15. due April 23

  16. due April 30


There are two midterm exams and one final exam in this class. You need to go to the Testing Center on campus to take the exams during the following dates:

  1. Exam 1. Week of 2/14/10 - 2/20/10

  2. Exam 2. Week of 3/28/10 - 4/2/10

  3. Final Exam. Week of 4/30/10 - 5/6/10



The course is meant to be independent of a particular textbook. All the material is described in the web pages that go with this class. However, the web pages are very concise and don't contain many examples. Therefore it will be almost indispensable for you to own or borrow some sort of reference text for Intermediate Algebra. For example, the textbook for our ordinary in-class sections of Math 1010 is suitable. Currently this is the fifth edition of Elayn Martin Gay's, Intermediate Algebra. You can purchase it in the University book store or elsewhere. When working on this class you should also have an ordinary dictionary handy, and you may find it worthwhile to purchase a mathematical dictionary as well. Several are available, I personally like and use the Harper Collins Dictionary of Mathematics which is an inexpensive paperback.