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Math 6170-001 Riemannian Geometry


Christopher Cashen, Ph.D.
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Office: JWB 126
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Time: TH 2:00-3:20
Location: LCB 222


MATH 6510 Differentiable Manifolds
MATH 6520 Introduction to Algebraic Topology


Riemannian Geometry, second edition by Peter Petersen.
ISBN-13: 978-0387-29246-5
Cost: $52.00 (U of U Bookstore, Used)

Course Description:

Riemannian metrics, connections, geodesics, normal coordinates, completeness, spaces of constant curvature, submanifolds, Cartan-Hadamard theorem, Alexandrov and Topogonov comparison theorems, closed geodesics, cut locus, symmetric spaces.


Homework exercises will be assigned daily. Students may collaborate on the assignments. Key contributions should receive appropriate attribution.

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