Jim Carlson

Professor Emeritus

jxxcarlson has his email at gmail.com


E-prints. Last update April 22, 2013.

Github: code for computing Hodge numbers, Shioda's algorithm for Hodge cycles on Fermat varieties, etc.

Curriculum Vita

CIMAT Lectures, Spring 2008

Hodge Theory, Peking University, Spring 2013


Terry Tao

Tim Gowers


Circle and Square


31416 continued ...

Camille's Sketchbook

Hakon Hallgrimur

SF2A: Music and Audio Programming

sf2a is a program that converts solfege into audio files. For example, the command sf2a 'do re mi' creates an audio file out.wav that plays these notes.

Hakon Hallgrimur's notes and code

Manual for sf2a

Source code at github

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