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Photo Gallary

My two brothers and I.
June 2003
My father and two brothers in our last family portrait with him.
December 2005
Graduation from Harvey Mudd College.
May 2007
En route to setting a school record in the 4x800m.
February 2007
My fastest XC race in college.
September 2006
Taken shortly after setting the school record in the 4x800m relay
February 2007.
My college sweetheart and I at our first Halloween Party.
October 2005
High school friends and I chilling at the Santa Cruz beach.
August 2005
More high school friends haging out with me in Hollywood.
August 2006
Temple Square during my first Utah winter.
January 2008.
Thanksgiving Family Photo.
November 2008.
Posing as a runner for my modeling debut.
April 2009
Taken last summer. This is one is my favorite :)
June, 2009
Delivering the best man speach at my brother's wedding
August 2009
Beautiful day for skiing at Alta!
January 2010
Mathematical Biology Summer REU!!
June 2010
Visiting my dad for the first time in three years!!
August 2010
Hiking at Bells Canyon
October 2010
February 2011
My first time visiting the Grand Canyon :)
March 2011
Walking through the Zion Narrows
June 2012
30th birthday trip to Hawaii
September 2014
Salt Lake Half Marathon
April 2016
Yellow Stone trip with great friends
May 2016
Watching the Utes game with Kasi
October 2015