About Me

I am working with Professor Alla Borisyuk on problems in computational neuroscience.
I received my Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at UC Davis working with Professors Tim Lewis and Bob Guy.
When not mathing, I enjoy playing board games with my wife Becky and playing with my cats Charlie and Cooper.


My Ph.D. research focused on mathematical models to understand the mechanisms underlying neurolocomotion in C. elegans. I used dynamical systems techniques to dissect out the relative contributions of the neural, muscular, and mechanical components to explain how the locomotive gait adapts to environmental changes.



  • Email: caljohnson [at] math.utah [dot] edu

  • Office: LCB 315
    (LeRoy Cowles Building, Building #013)


Neuromechanical Mechanisms of Locomotion in C. elegans.

Carter Johnson. Dissertation, UC Davis Applied Mathematics Dept. 2020.

Neuromechanical Mechanisms of Gait Adaptation in C. Elegans.

Carter Johnson, Timothy Lewis, and Robert Guy. Submitted to SIADS June 2020.

Resilience in a Two-Population System: Interactions between Allee effects and connectivity.

Carter Johnson and Alan Hastings. Theoretical Ecology, Jan 2018.