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The Sheets


I'm still here.
This is the first update in almost two years. I'm still around, just not doing nearly as much role playing/sheet making as I used to. I have been working on a complete rewrite of my sheetmaking program. The new version is aimed at public release and is looking really good. The bad news it, it could still be a long time before I finish it. Now that I'm in graduate school time is very short. So, bottom line, there are not going to be many updates to this page for a while, but there are some big things coming in the future.

Past News

What's Coming

Sheetmaker - A tool for rapidly making your own sheets, as well as filling out sheets.
Sheetmaker Sheets - A series of sheets, probably D&D 3rd, available in both PDF/PS, as well as Sheetmaker for editing or filling out.

The Sheets


Character Sheet (Page 1 Page 2) (7/18/99)
All pages (PS (B/W) (142K) PDF (B/W) (52K))
Page 1 (PS (B/W) (241K) PDF (B/W) (18K) PIC (120K) CSE (109K))
Page 2 (PS (B/W) (295K) PDF (B/W) (20K) PIC (168K) CSE (153K))
1078 objects (page 1), 1450 objects (page 2)

GM Record Sheet (12/09/98)
Page 1(PS (B/W) (163K) PDF (B/W) (26K) PIC (248K) CSE (152K))
2090 objects

Ship Sheet (12/30/98)
Page 1 (PS (B/W) (93K) PDF (B/W) (9K) PIC (57K) CSE (53K))
472 objects

Ship Status Sheet (12/04/98)
Page 1 (PS (B/W) (434K) PDF (B/W) (26K) PIC (162K) CSE (148K))
1728 objects

Skills Sheet (08/08/99)
Page 1 (PS (B/W) (289K) PDF (B/W) (13K) PIC (244K) CSE (225K))
1925 objects

Supporting Cast Sheet (08/08/99)
Page 1 (PS (B/W) (69K) PDF (B/W) (7K) PIC (45K) CSE (42K)
350 objects

Gamma World Character Sheet (Page 1 Page 2) (8/9/00)
All page (PS (B/W) (464K) PDF (B/W) (60K))
Page 1 is identical to the Alternity character sheet page 1.
Page 1 (PS (B/W) (241K) PDF (B/W) (18K) PIC (120K) CSE (109K))
Page 2 (PS (B/W) (59K) PDF (B/W) (8.5K) PIC (181K) CSE (167K))
1078 objects (page 1), 1376 objects (page 2)
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Character Sheet
(10/19/98, 10/19/98)
All pages (PS (B/W) (93K) PDF (B/W) (14K))
Page 1 (PS (B/W) (65K) PDF (B/W) (7K) PIC (88K) CSE (81K))
Page 2 (PS (B/W) (56K) PDF (B/W) (7K) PIC (78K) CSE (73K))
769 objects (page 1), 574 objects (page 2)

Thief Sheet
Page 1 (PS (B/W) (73K) PDF (B/W) (9K) PIC (95K) CSE (87K))
Replaces sheet 1 of Character Sheet
846 objects
Other Sheets

AEon Trinity Character Sheet (8/09/00)
Not available in black and white. Page 1 (PS (202K) PDF (74K) PIC (173K) (156K))
1709 objects
The Sheet Queue

These are sheets that are either in draft form, haven't yet been documented, or for various other reasons aren't above. They should move up to the sheets area above as time passes.

Players Option: Combat and Tactics Tracker (06/01/00) - A rather confusing sheet to help GMs keep tack of initiative, HP, and other stats during combat using the AD&D Combat and Tactics system. PS (875K) PDF (52K) CSE (508K). 4514 objects.

showcse tcl/tk script (6/26/98)
A small tcl/tk script to display CSE files. Requires tcl/tk (wish) 8.0 or later installed.
csetool tcl/tk script (12/30/98) (Download)
A more fully featured version of showcse. csetool adds the ability to scale, remove text or color, and convert to postscript.
csetopic tcl/tk script (12/30/98)
A small tcl script that will convert CSE files to pic files for use with tkpaint.
charedit tcl/tk script (05/19/99)
Download as ZIP Download as TGZ
This is the development version of my sheet filler tool. Contained in the archive is a file providing basic documentation and how to use. You will need both cse and ced versions of a sheet in order to use charedit with it. This is still in the development. It's unpolished and lacking in features. Use at your own risk.

Here are CED files for the sheets. Be warned, except for the alternity character sheet, these are untested and may not be quite right.

alternity1.ced alternity2.ced alt_gm1.ced alt_ship0.ced alt_ship1.ced alt_skills.ced altnpc.ced charsheet1.ced charsheet2.ced charsheet1th.ced alt_gamma.ced trinity.ced

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Info on Formats

PS - Postscript - This is a format used widely on UNIX computers and is popular for distributing documents to be printed. It can be printed directly using 'lpr' or 'print' on a unix machine and viewed with 'ghostview' or 'gv', also on Unix machines. If you are using Macintosh/Windows/DOS you are probably better of with the PDF format.

PDF - Acrobat - This is a popular format on all architectures, it's also the smallest file sizes. To view/print this you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free and available from Adobe. The reader is available for nearly every type of computer.

PIC - TkPaint - This is the save file format of tkpaint, a freely available painting/drawing program, available at:

CSE - Character Sheet Export - This is a format I use and is a raw dump of the TK Canvas widget items. A script is available that will display this format. The script requires TCL/TK 8.0 or higher which is available free for Unix, Macintosh, and Windows from Scriptics. This format is mostly of use for manipulating the sheets with scripts or other programs.

Info on Sheets

All these sheets are available in postscript and acrobat format. They were created with a program I wrote in python/tk. I have no intention of distributing this program soon (still needs a lot of work). However, the greater the demand for it the sooner it will come. So, if you could use a postscript generating sheet generated send me an e-mail.

All of these sheets are in black, white, and 1 to 3 shades of grey. There are black and white versions available as well.

All sheet are: Copyright (C) 1998, 1999 Chris Alfeld


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