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For best results, enable Java, JavaScript, and style sheets. These pages will work without such niceties, though (in fact, I have tested them with Netscape, InternetExplorer, w3m, lynx, Grail, HotJava, and xmosaic, and they look fine on all those browsers). My idea is to write HTML code that takes advantage of the fancy stuff (e.g., frames, style sheets, JavaScript, etc.), but doesn't depend on this.

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Note: There's a small chance that your browser can't display the images on this page, the reason being that they're png files, which aren't supported by all browsers. However, I decided to use them anyway because (a) there are compelling reasons to use png instead of gif and (b) you won't miss much if your browser ignores the images on this page.

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In case you're interested, here are the templates and style sheets I'm using (click on the right mouse button (or hold down the shift key) in order to save the files):

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