Computational Neuroscience group is run by Alla Borisyuk.

We meet (mostly) weekly to present and discuss informally our ongoing research or papers we have read

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Spring 2017 schedule

Alla Borisyuk
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Graduate students
Gregory Handy
Math PhD student

Marsa Taheri
Bioengineering PhD student, White lab
Daniel Zavitz
Math PhD student

Ryan Viertel
Math PhD student

Patrick Webb
Math PhD student


Daniel Griffin, Undergraduate USU
Alexandria Cervantes, Undergraduate CSUMB
Vera Babenko, M.S. student
Steve Odom, M.S. student
Alex Heitman, M.S. student
Chad Hokama, CS M.S. student
Erik Sherwood, postdoc
Heather Brooks, undergraduate
Marsa Taheri, undergraduate
Nathan Rickett, undergraduate