MATH 1010 Section 1 Intermediate Algebra-Spring 2006

FINAL EXAM: Monday, May 1, 2006, 3:30 PM-5:30 PM, Room: JFB 103

Solutions and Grading key for Midterm # 1

Solutions and Grading key for Midterm # 2

Solutions and Grading key for Midterm # 3

Solutions and Grading key for Midterm # 4


Marian Bocea, JWB 203, 801-585-6967,

Time and Place: MWF 7:30-8:20AM in JFB 103

Office Hours:  MW 11:50AM-12:40PM, and by appointment. Room:  JWB 203

Textbook: Larson & Hostetler, Intermediate Algebra, 4th edition, ISBN 0618531068

Course Web Page:

Course Description: The use of Algebra enables us to describe things through the use of variables instead of numbers, it helps us set up and solve word problems, and it is instrumental in constructing a link between formulas and pictures which in turn much amplifies our problem solving ability. For a detailed list of topics to be covered in this course see the (tentative) schedule.

Tutoring Service: The Department of Mathematics offers free tutoring in the T. Benny Rushing Mathematics Student Center between LCB and JWB on the Circle. The center also offers very pleasant individual and group study space and a computer lab. The study areas are open whenever the building is open. The tutoring center's hours are posted on the web page The computer lab has the same hours as the tutoring center. You have an account on the Math Department computer facilities, and there is an assistant in the lab who can help you get started. In particular you can bring up a browser and use WeBWorK (see below). The University Tutoring Center, 330 SSB, offers inexpensive private tutoring. A list of private tutors is also available from the Math Department office. Group tutoring in the math center can be arranged. For more information call our Director of Student Services, Angie Gardiner, at 585-9478, send her e-mail at, stop by her office in the center, or visit
http ://

Supplemental Instruction: Supplemental Instruction is available for this section of MATH 1010. Details will be provided during the first week of classes.

WeBWorK is a www based computer system developed at Rochester University that enables students to answer questions online via a web browser. The system tells you whether or not your answer is correct, and lets you try again if your answer is wrong. You will receive detailed information about how to use WeBWorK. You do need to have access to a web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. There are many places on campus that provide such access. You may also have access from your home.

Deadlines: A list of deadlines for this semester is available from the University of Utah's Registrar Office

There will be 13 WeBWorK based home work assignments counting 3% each, four 50 minutes midterm exams (in class) counting 7% each, and a departmental final exam counting 33%. With very few exceptions WeBWorK homework will open on Monday mornings and will be due on Fridays at 11:59p.m., as announced in the tentative schedule. You will have at least one week to complete each homework. The final exam will take place at a date and place to be announced later. It will cover the entire semester, and will be identical for all day time sections of Math 1010. All exams will be closed books and notes, with no calculators allowed. The questions on the exams are designed to be consistent with these stipulations, in particular their answers will not require lengthy arithmetic calculations. For answers involving fractions,  fundamental constants, or radicals, just write those symbols, you don't need to provide numerical approximations. You should apply reasonable simplifications to algebraic expressions, and cancel common factors in numerators and denominators of fractions and of rational expressions.

Your Final Letter Grade for this course will be determined using the following Fixed Scale:  

at least 90%

at least 85%
less than
at least 80%
less than
at least 75%
less than
at least 70%
less than
at least 65%
less than
at least 60%
less than
at least 55%
less than
at least 50%
less than
at least 45%
less than
at least 40%
less than

less than
Letter Grade

Note: Since grading is on a fixed scale you are not competing with your class mates. Your grade will be based on your accomplishments and you will not receive a lesser grade because somebody else is getting a better grade.

Make ups: There will be no make-ups for homework. Make-up exams will be given only in case of a legitimate (documented) excuse. If for some reason you are not able to take a particular exam at the scheduled time, you will need to inform me, preferably in advance, and no later than three days after the exam. Any make-up or substitute for the final exam itself will be an oral exam, and will be available only in truly exceptional circumstances.
Regrades:  I view as very important that the students review their midterm exams after they are graded to check for feedback and grading accuracy.
I take this opportunity to  encourage you to discuss with me any questions that you might have regarding the grading of your midterms.

Calculators: The use of calculators is not allowed for any in-class exams (including the final exam).

Other Course Policies:
Student Code
Class attendance : Class attendance is expected. You will be solely responsible for missed handouts or announcements made during lecture. If you cannot attend a particular lecture, make sure that you stay informed regarding the information provided during that lecture.
Special Accomodations: The ADA requires that reasonable accomodations be provided for students with physical, sensory, cognitive, systemic, learning, and psychiatric disabilities. Students eligible for special accomodations are strongly encouraged to discuss their needs with me at the beginning of the semester. I will be happy to make such arrangements.
Clasroom Etiquette: This is a reasonably large class. To maximize its benefits for all participants, and to minimize disruption and distraction, please observe these points:
1. Be in your seat when class starts.
2. Don't leave class before it ends.
3. Wait until class is formally ended before packing up your stuff.
4. Don't engage in any private conversations during class.
5. Turn off  your cell phone during class.
You are welcome to discuss with me any questions or concerns about the course
during my office hours or by appointment.