Math 2280-1 Introduction to Differential Equations, Summer 2005

Instructor:  Robert Hanson

Office:  LCB 305

email: (this is the best way to contact me)

Office Phone:  801.585.1648

Schedule (Updated June 16, 2005)
Syllabus (Updated May 4, 2005)
Homework and Computer Projects (Updated June 27, 2005)

Review for Exam 1 (Updated June 8, 2005)

Review for Final Exam (.PDF) (.PS) (Updated July 30, 2005)

Final Exam Solutions

Here are the statistics for the Final Exam:
15 Students took the exam.
The High was 98.
The Mean was 78.
The Median was 85.

Good work! I'm very proud of this class.


(August 3, 2005)
You will be allowed to use TWO sheets (8-1/2" x 11", both sides, handwritten) of notes for the Final Exam. I will provide a table of Laplace Transforms. No calculators.

(July 26, 2005)
The Final Exam will be held on August 4, 2005 from 6pm until you are finished. Note that the exam will be in LCB 215, NOT in our usual classroom. If you try to go to our classroom you will be disturbing another class taking the exam!

For Maple Project 5 (due August 2, 2005), do only Problems 1 and 2. Ignore the stuff regarding Fourier series.

(July 12, 2005)
Maple Lab 4 will be due next week, on Thursday, July 21.

(June 16, 2005)
Homework 4 will be due on Thursday, June 21, 2005; including section 3.5.
Also, the Improved-Euler Method is now corrected in Maple Lab 2. Please correct your Lab, and re-submit it to me by next Thursday (with Maple Lab 3). Thanks.

(June 9, 2005)
Remember, the exam is on Monday. You may use one page (8-1/2" x 11", both sides, handwritten) of notes. No calculators.

(June 6, 2005)
If you are unhappy with your score on Maple Project 1, redo the project and turn in BOTH versions within a week and you will get some of the points you missed.

(June 1, 2005)
I have made changes to Homework 3. Homework 4 is up.

(May 23, 2005)
Note that I have added a problem to Homework 2. It is problem 1.6.55. If I add other problems, they will be written in bold as well.

(May 17, 2005)
Two reminders: We will not be meeting on Fridays as the University schedule indicates, but rather we will meet on Thursdays instead; Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will meet in LCB 115, the computer lab.

(May 4, 2005)
Welcome to Differential Equations for Summer 2005. If you are not registered for the course, but would like to be, simply show up on the first day of class and I will give you a permission number.