University of Utah Mathematics Department

Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Spring 2004

The seminar will normally be held at 3:30pm on Tuesdays in LCB 222.

April 13
Martin Deraux
Equidistance loci in complex hyperbolic geometry
April 6
YP Lee
Frobenius Manifolds
March 9
YP Lee
Invariants of tautological equations
Feb 24
Angelo Vistoli
Cohomology and Chow ring of the classifying space of PGL_p
Feb 20
Ionut Ciocan-Fontanine
Virtual classes via dg-manifolds
Feb 3 at 3:00
Aaron Bertram
Proofs and partial proofs of the Hori-Vafa conjecture
Jan 27
Aaron Bertram
Towards Gromov-Witten invariants of GIT quotients
Jan 20
Christopher Hacon
Characterization of products of curves of genus 2
Jan 16
Thomas Nevins (Michigan)
Skylanin algebras and Hilbert schemes