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Handout links for Quantum Theory Matters

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The talk Quantum Theory Matters is accompanied by several handouts, some of which, for copyright reasons, cannot be stored at this site. Instead, we provide links to original sources, but access to some of them may depend on your institutional affiliation and its journal and database license agreements.


Handouts: historical documents

News of contemporary research arising from quantum theory and relativity

Bibliographic resources

There are two huge bibliography archives from which you can find much more:

The first contains primarily author-specific and subject-specific bibliographies. Those related to this talk include coverage of the works of these scientists, and publications about them and their works:

In each case, the bibliographies include the complete works of the scientist, and in a second section, publications about the scientist and his works.

To get the BibTeX file for any of those, simply change .html to .bib in your browser address bar, and save the returned file. They look the same on the screen, except that the former has active hyperlinks, and the latter can be used by BibTeX to generate and sort reference lists in any of hundreds of citation styles. Readers who are unfamiliar with BibTeX may find this tutorial helpful.