PRETTY 1L "10 August 1986"

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PRETTY 1L "10 August 1986"


pretty - a prettyprinter program for FORTRAN programs




Pretty prints FORTRAN programs in a highly legible format, taking FORTRAN source code from file (single name, no wildcards permitted) and putting formatted output and log information into files which use the same name as the input, but with added extensions .new and .lst, respectively. The histogram appearing in the log file is useful for fine tuning the performance of pretty on a given machine.


files required to make pretty
executable file
various environment definitions, an appropriate subset of which should be placed in the user's .cshrc or .profile file


document (1L), drawit(1L), grapht(1L), graph3t(1L), lptops(1L), pfort(1L), piechtt(1L), plot79-intro(1L), plot79(1L), pluto(1L), rdinfo(1L), sf3(1L), slides(1L), tekalw(1L), tkvecs(1L), tmacro(1L), world(1L)

PRETTY. A Portable FORTRAN Program Prettyprinter. Nelson H. F. Beebe. 1980.


Nelson H. F. Beebe, Ph.D.

Center for Scientific Computing

South Physics Building

University of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Tel: (801) 581-5254

(Manual page by R. P. C. Rodgers, Computer Applications in Laboratory Medicine Project, UCSF, San Francisco, CA 94143).