LPRSF3 1L "01 April 1992"

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lprsf3 - print Fortran and SFTRAN3 files with boldface keywords


lprsf3 [-2] [-twoup] file1 file2 ... file3

lprsf3 filters each of its argument files through pr(1) to format them into pages with the filename and date in the page header, then through lptops(1) for conversion to \*(Ps, and finally through lpr(1) for printing.

With the -2 or -twoup switches, two pages are printed per sheet, in landscape orientation.

The printer used is defined by the current value of the PRINTER environment variable. If it is not set, then a system-dependent default printer is chosen. An lpq(1) command is issued before completion for feedback that the print job has been successfully queued.


nawk program to tag Fortran and SFTRAN3 keywords
Shell script


lpq(1), lpr(1), lptops(1), pr(1).


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