AWKUNLEX 1 "29 March 1999" "Version 1.00"

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awkunlex - recombine an awk lexical token stream into an awk program


awkunlex [ -? ] [ -f file ] [ -h ] [ -v ] [ file(s) ] > awk-program-file
awkunlex [ --? ] [ --file file ] [ --help ] [ --version ] [ file(s) ] > awk-program-file


awkunlex converts a lexical token stream from awklex(1) back into an awk(1) program, substantially preserving the original text layout.

Input comes from the file(s) specified on the command line, or the file in the -f option, or else, if no file is given, from stdin. Output is written to stdout.


awkunlex accepts two styles of options: the old, concise, but possibly, inscrutable, UNIX hyphen-letter pairs, and longer GNU/POSIX-style options beginning with two hyphens. The GNU/POSIX-style options can be always abbreviated to any unique leading prefix, and the two styles can be used interchangeably.
-f awk-program-file
--file awk-program-file
Specify the name of the awk(1) program file.

Multiple -f options can be used, if required; their files are then treated as a logical concatenation, in the order that they were specified.

The filename can be a hyphen, -, meaning that input should be taken from stdin, allowing awkunlex to be used in the middle of a command pipeline.

This option is included solely for similarity to the command line expected by awk(1); for awkunlex, the filenames alone are sufficient.

Print a brief help message, and exit immediately with a success status code.
Print the program version number, and exit immediately with a success status code.


Prettyprinter backend awk(1) program invoked by awkunlex to filter the output of awklex(1), and produce a prettyprinted awk(1) program on stdout.


awk(1), awkpretty(1), awklex(1), gawk(1), mawk(1), nawk(1).


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