Tiger's Type Specialists

Last update: Thu Jul 16 19:10:43 1998

Tiger's Type Specialists
Tel: +1 800 444 3363 (DOS/Windows)
Tel: +1 800 666 2562 (Macintosh)
URL: http://www.tigerdirect.com/

I have a large font chart from this vendor, and the offerings appear to be similar, if not identical, to those from Xara Ltd.

I have another font chart advertising Font Bank, from a company called TigerDirect, with the Macintosh telephone number above; I found them on the Web at this address:

8700 West Flagler Street
Suite 400
Miami, Florida, 33174
Tel: +1 800 879 1597
FAX: +1 305 228 3400
E-mail: webmaster@tigerdirect.com

A separate file, tigers-type-specialists-fontnames.html summarizes the font offerings; for now, it is identical to the xara-fontnames.html file.