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Last update: Sat Aug 22 08:30:10 1998

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The list here is far from complete. In Agfa press releases on the World-Wide Web, I have found reference to the Creative Alliance CD 8.0 with 6,500 fonts, and to the AgfaType Collection CD-ROM Version 6.0 containing 3,654 typefaces from the Agfa and Adobe libraries. However, I have not been able to find a detailed contents listing of either of these collections, from which this index could be extended.

Here is a list of 90 font families listed at one Agfa Web page; each has several variants, but I do not yet have a detailed list. Visit the vendor's Web site at for an index; each family has its own Web page, with font samples.

At the Agfa Web site, the fonts are grouped by artist/designer, and some of them have Web pages too that you can find via links from that site.