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Programs in Mathematics Education

There are several programs of study available for undergraduates planning a teaching career in K-12 schools and for professional teachers wanting to upgrade their qualifications in Mathematics. The programs for undergraduates involve courses in the Mathematics Department and in the Teaching and Learning Department. Teacher certification is granted by the State of Utah and, depending on the level of Mathematics course work completed, certification is granted with teaching endorsements in Mathematics (levels one through four) that relate to the grades at which one may teach mathematics. In addition to these programs for preservice teachers there is the Master's of Science Program for Secondary School Teachers of Science and Mathematics offered through the College of Science. This program is designed for inservice teachers with at least three years of teaching experience who want to develop their mathematical background. These programs are described below.

Elementary Teaching Major: (endorsement levels one and two)
Students who plan to teach at the elementary school level take courses in a variety of disciplines in addition to the required courses in the College of Education. The required Mathematics courses are two semesters of Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers (Math 4010, Math 4020) and one semester of Mathematics Methods (T&L 5360). Upon completion of this basic program, students are recommended for certification with a level one endorsement in Mathematics.

By successfully completing additional Mathematics courses, students in the Elementary Teaching Major program are recommended for a level two endorsement in Mathematics allowing them to teach Mathematics in grades 7 and 8 through Elementary Algebra and Applied Math I. These courses include: Math 4040 (or Math 3100 and Math 3105) and Math 4050 (or Math 1210) which together cover topics in Geometry, Trigonometry, and Intuitive Calculus; Math 4090 which examines methods of teaching mathematics at the secondary school level; a Statistics and Probablilty course (Math 1040 or Math 1070).

Mathematics Teaching Minor: (endorsment level three)
Students who plan to be secondary school teachers specializing in an area other than Mathematics may choose to have a teaching minor in Mathematics. The Teaching Minor in Mathematics, leading to a level three endorsement in Mathematics by the State of Utah, requires the following courses in addition to the education courses specified for certification in secondary education: three semesters of Calculus (MATH 1210-1220-2210 or some of MATH 1250-1260 depending upon AP credit) and the additional five courses, Linear Algebra (Math 2270), Foundations of Geometry and Geometry Practicuum (Math 3100-3105), Applied Statistics I (Math 3070), Foundations of Algebra and Algebra Practicuum (Math 4300-4305), and Teaching of Secondary School Mathematics (Math 4090).

Mathematics Teaching Major : (endorsement level four)
There are two programs for students who plan to become secondary school mathematics teachers. One program leads to a bachelor's degree with licensure and requires specific licensure course work and student-teaching as an undergraduate. The other leads to a bachelor's degree without licensure and includes additional mathematics course work along with a teaching internship at the university.

Both of these programs require the following mathematics courses which are the basic mathematics courses for all mathematics majors: three semesters of calculus (Math 1210-1220-2210 or some of Math 1250-1260 depending upon AP credit), two semesters of Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (Math 2270-2280) and two semesters of Foundations of Analysis (Math 3210-3220).

Mathematics Teaching Majors in either program must also take Introduction to Scientific Computing (Math 2160), History of Mathematics (Math 3010), Applied Statistics I (Math 3070), Foundations of Geometry with Practicum (Math 3100 and 3105), Foundations of Algebra (Math 4030 and 4035), Teaching Secondary School Mathematics (Math 4090) Capstone Course in Mathematics (Math 5700) and at least one semester of calculus-based physics.

For a Mathematics Teaching Major with Licensure, in addition to the above courses, a student must complete the licensure program (45 credit hours) in the Department of Teaching and Learning). For the Mathematics Teaching Major without Licensure, in addition to the above courses, a student must complete the Mathematics Teaching Internship (Math 4910) and take two of the following courses: Math 3080, Math 4400, Math 4510, Math 4530). Mathematics Teaching Majors without Licensure are encouraged to apply to the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program in the Department of Teaching and Learning. Students in this five-semester program earn both a master's degree and a teaching license.

Students interested in a teaching career in the K-12 grades should contact a counselor in the Department of Teaching & Learning, Room 142 MBH, 581-7158, (email: the best source for current information on requirements for certification. Applications for admission to the elementary or secondary teaching program, student-teaching applications, and applications forms and clearance for Utah teaching certification may also be obtained there.

MS Program for Secondary Teachers of Mathematics and Science:
This program is for career teachers with a bachelor's degree and at least three years of experience teaching mathematics at the secondary level. In this program secondary mathematics teachers may acquire an M.S. degree through the guidance of a college committee in advancing their mathematical knowledge as far as practicable in a 30 to 32 semester credit-hour program. Part of their work may include special seminar courses relating the subject matter to classroom teaching. Inquiries regarding this program should be addressed to the Office of the Dean, College of Science.

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