About me

Research interests:  Nonlinear Analysis, Partial Differential Equations.

Publications :

  • On the local Holder continuity of the inverse of the p-Laplace operator, submitted to Pro. AMS. (pdf)
  • with Klaus Schmitt,

 Variational eigenvalues of  degenerate eigenvalue problems for the weighted p-Laplacian, Advanced Nonlinear Studies, Vol. 5, No. 4 (2005) 573-587. (pdf)

  • Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems, Ph.D. thesis, University of Utah, 2005. 
  • with Pham Xuan Du, Duong Minh Duc and Phan Van Tuoc,

Lagrange multipliers for functions derivable along directions in a linear subspace, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 133 (2005), 595-604.

  • with Vy Le and Klaus Schmitt,

 Lagrange Multiplier Rule for Nonlinear Inequalities, Vietnam Journal of Mathematics, Volume 32, 2004. (pdf)

In preparation :

  • with Z.-Q. Wang, Utah State Univ, On a Steklov-type superlinear elliptic equation.
  • with Luigi De Pascale,  Universit\'a di Pisa, Equivalence of two sequences of nonlinear eigenvalue problems.
  • An Le,  On the first eigenvalue of an $\iy$-eigenvalue problem.

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