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Collective Behavior Group:


Fred Adler
Andrew Basinski
Heather Brooks
Anna Miller
James Moore
Leif Zinn-Björkman

Spring 2014

Date Title Author Year
1/23 A Hybrid Mathematical Model for Self-organizing Cell Migration in the Zebrafish Lateral line E Di Costanzo, R Natalini, and L Preziosi 2013
1/30 From Signals to Patterns: Space, Time, and Mathematics in Developmental Biology J Lewis 2008
2/6 Mechanisms underlying differential responses to FGF signaling L Dailey et al. 2005
2/13 Modeling the segmentation clock as a network of coupled oscillations in the Notch, Wnt and FGF signaling pathways A Goldbeter and O Pourquié 2008
2/20 Interplay of Cadherin-Mediated Cell Adhesion and Canonical Wnt Signaling J Heuberger and W Birchmeier 2010
3/6 Building the Posterior Lateral Line System in zebrafish AB Chitnis, DD Nogare, and M Matsuda 2011
3/20 Building the Posterior Lateral Line System in zebrafish AB Chitnis, DD Nogare, and M Matsuda 2011
3/27 The Ecology of Collective Behavior

Brains Don’t Play Dice—or Do They?
DM Gordon

SJC Caron

4/3 Cellular Strategies of Axonal Pathfinding J Raper and C Mason 2010
4/10 Interactions and Tradeoffs Between Cell Recruitment, Proliferation, and Differentiation Affect CNS Regeneration WR Holmes and Q Nie 2014
4/17 Spatial gradient of protein phosphorylation underlies replicative asymmetry in a bacterium YE Chen et al. 2010

Fall 2013

Date Title Author Year
9/9 Collective behavior in cancer cell populations TS Deisboeck and ID Couzin 2009
9/16 Mathematical modelling of cancer cell invasion of tissue: Local and non-local models and the effect of adhesion A Gerisch and MAJ Chaplain 2008
9/23 Vascular tumor growth and treatment: Consequences of polyclonality, competition, and dynamic vascular support TL Jackson 2002
9/30 Directional tissue migration through a self-generated chemokine gradient E Donà et al. 2013
10/7 Collective cell migration guided by dynamically maintained gradients

Scavenging of CXCL12 by CXCR7 promotes tumor growth and metastasis of CXCR4-positive breast cancer cells
SJ Streichan et al.

KE Luker et al.

10/21 CXCL12(SDF-1)/CXCR4 Pathway in Cancer BA Teicher and SP Fricker 2010
10/28 Cell Adhesion and Signalling by Cadherins and Ig-CAMs in Cancer U Cavallaro and G Christofori 2004
11/4 Generation and Dynamics of an Endogenous, Self-Generated Signaling Gradient across a Migrating Tissue Venkiteswaran et al. 2013
11/11 FGF-Dependent Mechanosensory Organ Patterning in Zebrafish A Nechiporuk and DW Raible 2008
11/18 A one-dimensional model of trail propagation by army ants J Watmough and L Edelstein-Keshet 1995
11/25 Cell-cell signaling interactions coordinate multiple cell behaviors that drive morphogenesis of the lateral line A Aman and T Piotrowski 2011
12/2 Advection-Diffusion Equations for Internal State-Mediated Random Walks D Grünbaum 2000