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Fred Adler
Lifeng Han
Anna Miller
Loren Santana
Jon Seger

Fall 2016

Date Title Author Year
9/16 Pattern, growth, and control AD Lander 2011
9/23 Modeling of Asymmetric Cell Division in Hematopoietic Stem Cells—Regulation of Self-Renewal Is Essential for Efficient Repopulation

Cell lineages and the logic of proliferative control
A Marciniak-Czochra et al.

AD Lander et al.

9/30 Reconstruction of rat retinal progenitor cell lineages in vitro reveals a surprising degree of stochasticity in cell fate decisions FLAF Gomes et al. 2011
10/7 Intrinsically different retinal progenitor cells produce specific types of progeny C Cepko 2014
10/14 Fall Break ... ...
10/21 Force-Driven Polymerization and Turgor-Induced Wall Expansion O Ali and J Traas 2016
10/28 Mechanical stress acts via katanin to amplify differences in growth rate between adjacent cells in Arabidopsis

Developmental patterning by mechanical signals in Arabidopsis
M Uyttewaal et al.

O Hamant et al.

11/4 A Phyletic Perspective on Cell Growth KJ Niklas 2015
11/11 Size Control in Plants—Lessons from Leaves and Flowers H Czesnick and M Lenhard 2015
11/18 No Meeting ... ...
11/25 Thanksgiving Break ... ...
12/2 Growth dynamics underlying petal shape and asymmetry

Genetic control of surface curvature

Developmental biology: Flowers' wings, fruitflies' petals
AG Rolland-Lagan, JA Bangham, and E Coen

U Nath et al.

C Desplan and T Lecuit


12/8 Resolving Conflicts: Modeling Genetic Control of Plant Morphogenesis E Coen and AB Rebocho 2016