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  Matteo Altavilla

That’s me in front of Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome

    Contact information

        Office location: JWB 221
        Office phone: (801) 585-9114
        Email address:

        University of Utah
        Department of Mathematics
        155 S. 1400 E. JWB 233
        Salt Lake City, UT
        84112-0090, USA

        I am a graduate student in Mathematics at the University of Utah, and I work under the supervision of Aaron Bertram. I am also teaching MATH 1050 in Spring 2019.
        I am from Rome, and I got my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Mathematics at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" (Dip. "Guido Castelnuovo").
        My areas of interest are algebraic geometry and complex geometry, with a focus on derived categories and Bridgeland stability conditions on surfaces and threefolds.

        Here's my Curriculum Vitae.


        Spring 2019: MATH 1050 - College Algebra (Instructor)
        Spring 2018: MATH 1080 - Precalculus (Instructor)
        Fall 2017: MATH 1080 - Precalculus (Instructor)
        Summer 2017: MATH 1090 - Business Algebra (Instructor)
        Spring 2017: MATH 1050 - College Algebra (Instructor)
        Fall 2016: MATH 1100 - Business Calculus (Instructor)
        Spring 2016: MATH 1210 - Calculus I Lab (Teaching Assistant)
        Fall 2015: MATH 1311 - Accelerated Engineering Calculus I Lab (Teaching Assistant)