Understanding Mathematics by Peter Alfeld, Department of Mathematics, University of Utah

Understanding Mathematics

by Peter Alfeld

The fine print

Just in case you somehow got here without going through the opening lines of the home page of these notes: I wrote them for use by undergraduate students of mathematics, particularly at the University of Utah, and I'm pretending to be talking to a class of such students. If you are not in that category you may on occasion be bewildered by phrases and statements that obviously cannot possibly apply to you.

Some of the statements in these pages may be controversial. That's OK. While of course I believe what I say, these views are not endorsed by the University of Utah Mathematics department, nor are they shared by all or perhaps even just some of my colleagues.

I've tried to keep the number of links to outside pages small, since you can't rely on these staying on line and not getting significantly modified. If you find any links that have expired I'd very much appreciate if you could let me know!

Comments and e-mail list

This is an ongoing effort and I'm interested in your comments. If you like what you see spread the word!

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