Welcome to SAS lab!
I am leading the following SAS labs: If you are registered for one of the above, you may attend any of the classes which best fit your schedule.
If you wish, you may attend a different time each week.

While attendance is not mandatory, turning in assignments is.
There are 10 assignments. Your worst grade will not be dropped.
Each assignment will be graded on a scale 1 to 10.
Assignments are given on Thursday and must be turned in before Monday 11:59 p.m.
You will have to answer SAS-related questions in your midterm and final exams (even in each Test !).
In order for you to pass Math 307, you must submit all 10 assignments and earn at least 6 points in average.

Late assignments will be penalized accordingly: (Check out Grading Policy)

At the end of the quarter, I will hand your professor a spreadsheet containing:
1) names of students
2) grades for each of the 10 assignments
3) an "11th" column containing the sum of the 10 assignments.

Typically, students are able to complete their assignments during lab. However, at times there may be assignments (such as Module 2 & Module 10) which require additional time.

The Mathematics Computer Lab is open:

For SAS help, I am easily contacted via e-mail (akang@math.utah.edu).  E-mail your question including your program editor file and I will reply as soon as possible.

For "in person" help, I am located in the Building 122 (right next to Building 129 where SAS computer     lab is located) room #107.

Check out Tips&Hint for weekly homework assignment, detailed descriptions and Tips&Hints.