Summer 2006 Wasatch Topology Conference

The Mathematics departments of the University of Utah and Brigham Young University along with the National Science Foundation are sponsoring the Twenty-third Semiannual Wasatch Topology Conference to be held August 1 to August 4, 2006 in Park City, Utah.

The conference is being organized by Mladen Bestvina, Ken Bromberg and Greg Conner.


Peter Brinkmann, CUNY
    Algorithmically improving train tracks

Tullia Dymarz, U of Chicago
    Tukia's theorem and boundary theory for solvable groups

Anna Lenzhen, UIC
    Teichmuller geodesics that do not have a limit   in PMF

Lars Louder, U of UT
    Accessibility of Limit Groups

Soren Galatius, Stanford
    Stable homology of automorphisms of free groups

Howard Masur, UIC
    Ergodic theory of translation surfaces

Alexandra Pettet, U of Chicago
    Cohomology of some subgroups of the automorphism groups of the free group

Ben Schmidt, U of MI
    Blocking light in compact Riemannian manifolds

Juan Souto, U of Chicago
    Heegard splittings and minimal surfaces

Kevin Wortman, Yale
    A finitely-presented solvable group with a small quasi-isometry group
    Unipotent flows on moduli space for genus 2


If you are interested in attending the conference please contact the organizers at Some funding is available for graduate students and post-docs. Those interested should also contact the organizers at

The conference will be held at the Treasure Mountain Inn on Main St. in downtown Park City. Participants should contact the Inn directly to reserve a room:

Thea Leonard

Room rates are:

Nights of July 31 - August 3
Studio/1BR units : $75/night

Night of August 4
Studio: $105/night
1BR: $125/night

Transportation from the Salt Lake Airport to Park City

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