Spring 2004 Wasatch Topology Conference
The Mathematics departments of the University of Utah and Brigham Young University along with the National Science Foundation are sponsoring the Nineteenth Semiannual Wasatch Topology Conference to be held May 21-22 2004 in at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City Utah.  


Accommodations are available at the University Guest House. The rooms are $69 a night and include breakfast. The phone number is 1-888-416-4075 and the rooms are being held until May 6.


For more info email Ken Bromberg at bromberg@math.utah.edu



All talks are in LCB 219

Friday, May 21

2:00 Pete Storm, U of Chicago
Dynamics of the Mapping Class Group Action on the Character Variety

3:30 Martin Bridgeman, Boston College
Analyticity of the Length Function for Geodesics Currents; An Extension of  the Weil-Petersson Metric to Quasi-Fuchsian Space

Saturday, May 22

10:00 Francis Bonahon, USC
Quantum Teichmuller Theory

11:30 Maryam Mirzakhani, Harvard
Ergodic Theory of the Earthquake Flow

2:00 Dragomir Saric, USC
Deformations and Self-Maps of the Universal Hyperbolic Solenoid

3:30 Jim Cannon, BYU